Visual representation of XML to JS/JSON Conversion

Convert XML text to JavaScript object / JSON text (and vice versa).

Technology is fast changing how businesses operate, and data analysis, skills, and knowledge is going to have a significant impact on how you use technology to run your business.

Every company have realized the importance of insightful data , which gives a competitive edge. There are many formats to store data . But Triad which dominate today are CSV ,JSON ,XML .In this article I am going to share the easy way to work with all of them using Node.js

While working on a project I came across…

This article has nothing to with Mafia whatsoever. I have used Mafia story to explain the REDUX in easy terms.

Official Definition — — Redux is an open-source JavaScript library for managing application state. Don’t scare I will simplify the things for you.

Now its a Storytime

As we all know there is always one Mafia in every city and he with the help of his butlers makes the life of fellow citizen a bit harder and then there is the Police which makes your life easy by beating these criminals.

In our case, Consider React as Mafia which just makes a little hard…

Kunal Ahirrao

I am a Full Stack Developer who has a leaning towards backend a lot. Node.js+Vue.js is my way to go.

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